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Our Story


Uniquely Better...

Voibella Beauty is a natural anti-aging skincare company that was born out of a necessity to be uniquely better. This is our story...

As firm believers in anti-aging skincare products and the benefits of natural ingredients,  it has always been our family's mission to find and use the best possible skincare solutions... 

But we discovered that many of the expensive big brand beauty companies out there not only test their products on animals and are not vegan-friendly, but their products also contain parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals that are not good for your skin.

It became clear that these big "luxury" brands' products, with their billion dollar marketing budgets, are not only over-priced, but really are not as effective as they could be. Massive production and profit margins are more important to them than their customers.  

We knew that we could do better, so we had a dream...


We had a dream of what the perfect anti-aging skincare company must look like:

- Skincare products should be more natural, and organic (where possible), not tested on animals and gentle to the skin and the environment, while still being super effective for anti-aging.

- Ingredients and formulas must be chosen based on research and studies, and not just hype.

Customers must be educated on the ingredients in their products, and how each ingredient can possibly benefit them, so that customers can make informed choices, and not just be sold to.

- Be customer and benefit focused, helping the customer to achieve results. Helping you discover the best skincare regime and products, and most importantly teach you how to use them effectively to maximize their anti-aging benefits. 


So we went ahead and started building our dream...

We got our certification in Organic Anti-Aging Skincare Formulation and started to research and test out anti-aging skincare formulas using natural ingredients, without any parabens, sulfates and unneeded additives.

We found that we could make products that have more potent and effective ingredients than many other big brands. And because we don't have the massive marketing plans and overhead costs of our big brand competitors, we managed to keep costs down while still giving the customer luxury packaging that they can be proud of, and powerful anti-aging ingredients that are super effective.

We also partnered with other Skincare Therapists and some of the best skincare formulators out there.  We partnered with manufacturing facilities that are FDA-Registered, ISO-Certified and cGMP-Accredited to make sure our products get made not only with lots of LOVE, but also to the highest possible standards, right here in the USA.

Only after lots of testing and using the products ourselves, we decided to launch our small, but effective Voibella Beauty Skincare brand on and our Voibella online store. After that there was no looking back and our customers are loving us. We are so thankful for all our great customers and we will continue to focus on expanding our brand, without compromising quality.


Why Voibella? 

Voibella roughly translates to "You Beauty", because we want YOU to realize that you are beautiful, not only from the inside, but also the outside. And we want your beauty to last long! We will provide the very best anti-aging skincare products and services to keep you looking younger and full of confidence for many, many years.


Why Voibella Beauty is Uniquely Better:


- All our products are made with Naturally derived Ingredients (and some with Organic ingredients). Look at our product packaging to see which ingredients are natural and organic.

- Our products are free of parabens, sulfates and harmful ingredients.

- We are against animal testing and cruelty and most of our products are Vegan-friendly.

- Our product ingredients and formulas are based on real evidence, research and studies.

- We are a luxury brand, and refuse to compromise on quality. Our prices are fair, but not cheap.

- Our products are made with love in FDA-Registered and cGMP-Certified facilities to the highest standards, with strict quality control.

- We are very customer-focused and make sure we give the best personal care to each customer by offering personal 1-on-1 help, training, educational videos, and free consultations. (Contact us today)

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products (Get a FREE Extended Lifetime Guarantee here) - not happy - just contact us for a replacement or refund. We promise we will make you happy.

- Your results is our success - We believe in getting you results, so we will do everything in our power to help you turn back the clock and look younger and more beautiful than ever before. 


It's time you treat yourself to quality that will not only make you look good, but also make you feel good. 


Become a Voibella Beauty customer for life.


Albert & Dorita 

Founders of Voibella Beauty





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