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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Voibella products and general topics within anti-aging, skin care, and beauty.


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Product Questions

Facial Serum with Vitamin C




Q: Is my product pump broken? It's not pumping and I don't see a tube inside.


Product Questions



Facial Serum with Vitamin C


Q: When should I use a Vitamin C Serum?


Q: Why do I need to use a Vitamin C Serum?


Q: Could you please share some customer testimonials/results?



Under Eye Cream

Q: What does the Under Eye Cream do?

A: Watch this video


Pore Vacuum

Q: What's in the box?


Q: How do you control the Pore Vacuum with only one button?


Q: How can I remove blackheads using this device?


Q: How should I clean the Pore Vacuum after use?


Q: Do I get any other benefits from using Voibella Pore Vacuum?


Q: Do you have customers getting benefits from the Pore Vacuum?



Eyelash Growth Serum

Q: Can you show me Eyelash Growth Serum user reviews?



Q: Why would you say your Eyelash Growth Serum is the best?


Q: Do you have some Eyelash Growth Serum before and after results you can share?


Hydrating Cleanser

Q: What skin type is this cleanser suitable for? And what are the benefits and why buy yours?


Blemish Solution

Q: I have acne-prone skin, is this product good for me?


Brightening Cream

Q: I have dark spots on my face and some of my body parts are unevenly dark compared to the rest of my body, is this the right product for me?


Glycolic Acid Peel

Q: Do you have some before and after results or testimonials from people who've used this product?


Scar & Bruise Cream

Q: Is there something in your line to reduce my scars?



Hydrating Toning Mist

Q: I have itching dry skin, what can I use?




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