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Pore Vacuum Tutorial Videos & Extra Bonuses [IMPORTANT]

IMPORTANT - Please make sure you watch ALL of the videos below, BEFORE you use your Pore Vacuum for the first time.  We can only guarantee results and a good, safe and irritation free experience with our product, if you have watched all videos. 



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TUTORIAL VIDEOS: (Watch all of them before use)

1. Unboxing Video - What's Inside Your Package


2. Speed Modes, Blue Light and Charging the Pore Vacuum


3. Maintenance and Parts Replacement


4. Removing Blackheads Properly and Safely


5.Benefits of Voibella Beauty Pore Vacuum


How to Maximize Your Results

Please note that the main goal of using this Pore Vacuum is to keep your pores neat and clean. Once you get rid of your most visible imperfections (blackheads, whiteheads and other forms of acne), it's only a matter of maintenance. So keep using the Pore Vacuum regularly to prevent blackheads, whiteheads and acne from forming. This will help keep your pores tight and clean, your skin clear and your face complexion at its best.

To have even better results, you might want to use skin care products with anti-aging properties that help keep your face skin looking bright and glowing. In fact, natural skin care products enhance the results you get with the Pore Vacuum.

Here are some good examples of skin care products you can use along with your Pore Vacuum:

1- Voibella Beauty Hydrating Cleanser - This product can be used on a daily basis as the first step in your skin care routine. Also, in days when you use the Pore Vacuum, this product can be used before the Pore Vacuum to prepare your skin, hydrate it and get it ready for a deep cleanse.

2- Voibella Beauty Hydrating Toning Mist - This toner can provide a refreshing and hydrating effect to your skin. It can be used daily and after using the Pore Vacuum on your face to help relax your skin and tighten pores.

3- Voibella Beauty Facial Serum with Vitamin C - This serum delivers high quality anti-aging ingredients deep into your skin. Therefore, it can be used as the 3rd step in your daily skin care routine and after using the vacuum to promote fast healing and skin improvement.

4- Voibella Beauty Retinol Moisturizer - Moisturizing your skin is one of the most important steps in your daily skin care regimen. This Retinol Moisturizer is also a great way to finish after cleansing your face with the Pore Vacuum. The moisturizer nourishes your skin and also forms a barrier against external agents that can potentially harm your skin. Perfect for keeping your face and pores neat and clean.

5- Sunscreen - Although we don't have a sunscreen in our product line, we highly suggest you use one on top of the products mentioned above. It should be the final layer to protect your skin from the sun. The sun is your skin's #1 enemy, so this is very important to keep your skin healthy and young.



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