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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Brightening Cream?


Yes! See some of them below:

"When I first started using this cream my skin got a little pink, not red, just pink. So I knew this was really and not just some cream with false accusations. I'm only a little over a week into using this but was excited about it so wanted to let others know how great it is. First of all, brown spots did not show up over night and wont go away that fast either. But in the short time I've been using this I noticed mine getting a bit lighter already. This is not oily and i wear it under my makeup and i cant tell. I have nothing but good to say about this product. Oh, and when i wear this at night, my skin absorbs this very well, so no mess on my pillow. This is completely worth a try! I've tried many other products and this one so far is the best. Others just seemed like a lotion and did nothing. This one has no smells , thank goodness." - Keris

"I have been using Voibella products for several months now, and was excited to add the Brightening Cream / Dark Spot corrector to my repertoire. Sensitive aging skin means I can’t use just any product, and in general I can’t use most drug store products due to their inclusion of scents or perfumes. I’ve been using this for about a week, on my face, and am pleased to see some fading on some sun spots. Yay! Definitely follow the directions and use an spf lotion if you plan on spending time outside in the sun after use. This product goes on smoothly, smells fresh without being overpowering, no lingering scent! It doesn’t look or feel greasy either. Great product, I definitely recommend it!" - SC

"I'm fair skinned with freckles. I do not tan easily but any time spent in the sun brings more freckles and sunspots. This did lighten these and my skin is brighter looking. Great value too! I do use sunscreen though with it." - Katheryn

"I am really in love with this brand. All of their products work so well, it has slowly become some of my go to beauty products. I have some dark spots around my jaw from acne scars, and this cream helped brighten them. It helped lighten them in a way that made them look less noticeable which I am thankful for!
I have been recommending this brand to all of my friends because their stuff actually works!" - Kayla

"This cream is helping me a lot to moisturize but in the same time to brighter skin color especially underarm. It really works. Just after 5 days I see visible results of brightening my underarm skin. So cool. It's a real magic I think. I didn't see such results with other creams. Highly recommend. Affordable price" - Tatiana


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