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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Eyelash Growth Serum?


Yes! See some of them below:


"I used this serum for both my lashes and brows and it's working. I've been using it for about 5 weeks and the ends of my brows toward my nose are filling in. I've noticed I have more lashes as well. My mascara looks great. It's a slow transition but that's okay I'm patient. I've not experienced any irritation or adverse reactions at all. I will purchase this product again." - Lisa C.

"As with all products promising amazing results ...I was actually pleasently surprised that this actually worked....not a miracle but definitely see a difference" - Zoe L.

"This product is amazing! I have been using it for 4weeks & can tell a substantial growth in my lashes! It has helped my broken lashes grow back. I would highly recommend this product." - Jordanhoek

"Works really well. I have seen my lashes grow so much already bought two more." - Yari C.

"Worth it!!
I could tell after a week!! Does not burn, does not irritate!
I normally don’t do reviews but this deserved one!" - Jennifer Swink


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