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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Glycolic Acid Peel?


Yes, see the reviews shared below:

Here are some more reviews:

"Well, I have to say, I'm blown away... legit! I LOVE Voibella Glycolic Acid! I have used peels before. I have had some minimal successes. Not like this for a "home" peel. I have sensitive skin. For me to get results like this- I had to go to a spa by me and pay over $100. Too pricey for me. I was a little afraid to do it- not going to lie! lol. At first I tried it on my arm to check for allergy. All good so- I went for it. It tingled after a short bit. Went on nice and easy. Lotion peel felt silky, no real odor. I followed the directions. The first peel went well. My face felt soft and had a slight flush after. I could feel a little sting- nothing bad. Glowed healthy! I moisturized well after. I did one more peel in the week I've had this. My results are attached. I'm totally stunned! Pics are completely untouched. If you look at the picture you will see the most noticeable results on my chin, nose and near the right corner of the upper check bone and eye brow area- less "freckles". As I've gotten older (50) and due to medications, I have suddenly developed freckles! ugh. I'm so thankful. Voibella Glycolic Acid has given me back a more youthful appearance. I haven't felt this good in years :)" - Frane


"I just received this item and had all intentions on waiting to write a review until I saw results. I'm a 45 year old cosmetologist, who uses top of the line, expensive facial products. I decided to do my yearly peel series and ended up giving the daily peel a try instead of going through the agony of the TCA peels I normally do during the winter months. This is very mild, with little to no irritation, so I didn't have high expectations. After only a few days of using this my face is smoother, super clean and looks completely refreshed. I won't be able to tell you if it works on fine lines, brown spots or acne scars for awhile, but i can tell you I am sold on using this as part of my daily beauty regimen from here out. Amazing peel. My 17 year old daughter, who is sensitive to everything, used the peel and it cleared her blackheads and left her face clean and glowing. Now to try the other products that go with this!! Thank you!!" - Khewitt


"I am a user of all of Voibella’s products, so when this new Glycolic Peel became available, I was excited to try it!

The first time I used it, I felt a slight tingling (as most peels cause, just not as uncomfortable). The second time, it was even less uncomfortable. I was quite pleased too that there was no redness and irritation afterward like I had experienced with other products. Be sure to rinse well or use the voibella toner, then follow with the voibella moisturizer. It’s been a few days since I last used it and my face feels great! It isn't dry or scaly and feels like I just exfoliated. Two thumbs up!!!!"
- Angela L.


"I've way overpaid for peels from various spas while on vacation. This product gives similar results for a fraction of the cost. Yes, a spa peel will give more immediate results, but I can use this product at home with no fuss.

I've used this product for a little over 2 weeks now. It has caused a noticeable lightening of blemishes and sun spots. My skin is mostly clear, but this product is still useful since I want to KEEP my skin clear for as long as possible.

I do NOT have sensitive skin, so there were a couple of times I left the product on an extra couple minutes and I didn't have any adverse reaction. I imagine it might be different if you have sensitive skin though, so make sure you read the instructions for how long to leave it on."
- Stephanie G.


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