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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Hydrating Toning Mist?


Yes! See some of them below:


"I truly love it! It's my second time ordering it and will continue to in the future. I have sensitive skin with sometimes itchyness and dry spots on my cheeks. I also could be sensitive to fragrance but this product is perfect for my skin type. So refreshing and have not had any problems with redness, dryness or itchyness at all. Definitely recommend!" - Jeanette

"I tend to be apprehensive about trying new products...but so glad I tried this one. I love the way it makes my face feel." - Donna G.

"First of all, I was looking for an all natural (no icky chemicals) way to soothe my face after I wash it. I have tried to use lotions, although all of the ones I try seem to clog my pores. I read that toner may be a great way to sooth and smooth my skin after washing the days grime off of it. I went with this brand because I have tried their dark undereye cream and they are all natural and do not test on animals. All I can say is wow! This toner quenches my face without leaving any residue/oil or clogging my pores. This makes for a great primer for my makeup as well as it evens out my skin tone and makes it so my makeup does not soak into my face. I love it, very gentle!" - Erin

"As a user of Voibella’s facial cleanser, I was excited to add the toner to my line of skincare products. Once again, I was pleased to see the ingredients was not a long slew of chemicals, but a rather short list of pronounceable ingredients. Even better was the light pleasant smell of rose when I spritzed my face a few times after my shower. My sensitive combination skin does not do well with harsh chemicals, and fragrances are almost always an instant headache. That is not the case here. The toner is light, and refreshing. No lingering scent, and I am pleased to note that my skin does not feel dry between washings." - SC

"This product is suweeet! Love the smell, and it arrived super fast. This may be my new go-to toner." - Kimmy


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