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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Instant Face Lift?


Yes, please see below.

"I was very happy with this purchase. A little went a long way! My skin has never felt more fresh and youthful. I absolutely love this product and definitely recommend it!" - Lyndsie

"Amazing. Highly recommend. You can actually feel your skin getting tighter and it lasts all day!" - Jennifer C.

"This is my first time including a lifting agent into my skin care routine and I couldn't be happier it was this product!
After reading Voibella's instructions on how to use it, I have to admit I was a little skeptical on wether the product would yield results in 1 minute as advertised, but once again this brand delivers!
My experience was more than positive, I used it under my eyes and forehead, after waiting a couple of moments and the product started to make effect, I could feel my skin getting tighter and this was visible as well! I was surprised!
The skin feels clean, firmer and smoother; it certainly looks like that too.
I have to say, results are more visible under the eyes than the forehead but the feeling is the same on both.
This is definitively an add-on to my skin care products, though I would say keep it for nights out and social hangouts, rather than applying it every night, but don't take that from me, use it as you wish but definitively use it!
I do recommend this product and feel it easily deserves the 5 star review!" - Sebastian

"I saw results in seconds. I thought I was going crazy so I tried it on my fiancé and he even was confused. It instantly erases those very fine lines. will continue to buy!" - Ludic

"I love how this product feels on my face. I can literally feel my face tightening. The price was great, a lot less than other products I've tried before." - Stormie S.

"I used between my brows and forehead. You’ll feel the tightness within 2 minutes. It has a longer lasting affect than another product I am trying. I do see a physical difference wearing this under my makeup. I’ll be purchasing again for sure!" - Ibcycling


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