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QUESTION: Do you have customer testimonials on the Scar & Bruise Cream?


Yes! See some of them below:

"I recently used it on some bite marks i had that were red and I can say it diminishes the color and also no irritation is a plus and also no dryness! I will also be using it on some stretch marks to see if it works, but overall it’s worth the money to give it a try to get rid of all scars, marks and bruises!" - Monica

"I have not compared to similar products- but I got the results I was looking for never the less! I recommend to anyone whos looking to lessen the appearance of minor bruises or scars." - Kristi

"This product has helped diminish the look of old acne scars. It is very moisturizing and feels good on the skin. It is very affordable and a good size product." - Spotlight1946

"I don’t know what is in this product but I had a very nasty, red, raised bruise/ scar on my abdomen that looked really bad. I was very worried that my scar will stay there and that I will never be able to wear clothes that might show some skin in that area. After only three days of using it, the redness started to disappear, the skin texture improved a lot and it started to flatten. I’m looking forward to see the scar disappear." - Jacqueline

"My wife liked this product because it made a big difference on her sun and age spots oh and my son’s acne scars. Small bottle but worth it!" - Vic


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