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QUESTION: How do I use the Brightening Cream?


Apply to clean, gently dry skin twice daily. Can be used on face or intimate areas. It is strongly recommended to use a sunscreen throughout the day to protect your new radiant skin.

  1. Know where your Brightening Cream fits in your routine. The Brightening Cream can be applied after cleansing your skin. Also, if you have serums, they would go first and then the Brightening Cream. In case you have moisturizer, you can apply that after the Brightening Cream. Let the Brightening Cream absorb prior to applying any sunscreen, cream or makeup.

  2. Use sunscreen! This is required. Once you start using the Brightening Cream, you MUST use sunscreen. This product is very powerful, so it can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. You have to use sunscreen every day once you start treating your skin with this product - even 1 week after you finish using this product.

  3. Take before-and-after photos. Take a photo today and keep it saved. Then take another photo in 30 days and compare your results. You will be surprised! Do this every 30 days for keeping track of your progress.

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