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QUESTION: How do I use the Hydrating Cleanser?


Apply to moistened skin with fingertips or damp cloth. Bring to a gentle lather with light circular and massaging motions. Rinse with warm water.

  1. Know where your cleanser fits in your regimen. It's highly important to know when to apply your cleanser as part of your skin care regimen. The first step in your skin care routine is to cleanse your face/skin, then apply toner, and follow with serum, cream and moisturizer. Doing it any other way would affect its effectiveness and results.

  2. The cleanser should be rinsed off. Once you massage your face with the cleanser and develop lather, then you should rinse it off with warm water. That way you get rid of impurities, dirt, contaminants, etc. And you will have your skin ready to absorb other skin care products.

  3. Pat skin dry to apply the rest of your skin care products. Once you've rinsed off the cleanser, you must pat your skin or face dry. Do not rub. Just pat gently. Once it is dry, start applying other products like toners and serums. If you are only using a moisturizer after the cleanser, then don't dry thoroughly. When using a moisturizer right after this cleanser, you should let skin lightly wet because the moisturizer traps moisture in your skin and gives your skin an awesome supple appearance.

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