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QUESTION: How do I use the Scar & Bruise Cream?


Apply where it shows signs of scarring or bruising. Gently massage it twice a day. Continue using until scar or bruise fades away. Use quickly after an incident for best results.

  1. Know where your Scar & Bruise Cream fits in your routine. It's important to cleanse the skin affected before you apply the Scar & Bruise Cream. Therefore, make sure it is clear of any blood or anything that may interfere with the treatment. We recommend using our Hydrating Cleanser because it will help hydrate the skin which is super important for the affected area to heal better and faster.

  2. Use sunscreen. If the area affected is exposed to the sun, we highly recommend you protect it with sunscreen. Sunlight can make it turn darker and can make your scar/stretchmark/mark more visible and stand out. You can avoid that by protecting it with sunscreen or protective clothing.

  3. Take before-and-after photos. Take a photo today and keep it saved. Then take another photo in 30 days and compare your results. You will be surprised! Do this every 30 days for keeping track of your progress.

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