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QUESTION: I bought the Blemish Solution. Could you please give me more information about your company?


Voibella Beauty is a small family run business. Just like you, we care about our appearance and use anti-aging products daily, but we noticed that many big name brands are using unneeded chemicals and other useless material to stuff their overpriced products. We sometimes got breakouts and other problems, and didn't always see the results we were promised. We also didn't get any support from these companies. Just “wham bam! thank you ma'm”, after purchasing their products.

We didn’t like that and thought that consumers, like us, need something better – luxurious, premium skincare products, made cruelty free, with natural ingredients and no parabens or sulfates. Products that are simply more effective than most big name brand products, and also have fair pricing. We also felt that continued support, advice and help related to using these products and maximizing anti-aging results were important.

So, after years of intensive research, studying, testing, and building partnerships with the right people, we finally launched a small but super high quality line of our own that uses pure and effective botanical ingredients that really deliver. Each of the main ingredients in our products is there for a specific skin care related benefit.

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