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QUESTION: I have more questions. What is the best way to contact you for help?


The best way to contact us depends on the matter that you need help with. The contact methods are listed below and mentions the best based on your needs.

Phone Assistance:
If you have an urgent matter that can be solved over the phone, please feel free to contact us. 

Pros: You get immediate assistance within available hours. You get all your questions answered in one call.
Cons: Only available in limited hours (Monday-Thursday: 8AM-2PM EST) (Friday: 1PM-4PM EST)

Email Support: - Also available here.
If your question/problem is not urgent and can wait, you can try our email support. You should receive a response within 2-8 hours or less. This way is especially helpful if you need a link or a discount code.

Pros: Available 24/7.
Cons: It's not immediate help.

Facebook Messenger Support:
If you have facebook or messenger, this is a good way to contact us. It may not be immediate, but you can get a quick response within 1-2 hours. Usually faster than email.

Pros: Available 24/7. Fast response.
Cons: May not be immediate.

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