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QUESTION: This is my first time using the Glycolic Acid Peel, do you have warnings or tips?


Yes, we do. It's very important that the first time you use this product, you only leave it on for 30 seconds. This is going to serve as a test to check your skin tolerance towards the product.

If your skin tolerates it easily, you can gradually increase leave-on time to 45 seconds, then 1 minute and up to 3 minutes.

How do you know if your skin is tolerating it? The product should give your skin a slight tingle. If that tingle gets uncomfortable or turns into a burn, then at that point you'd clearly tell your skin is not tolerating it well.

Don't worry. Such feeling of burn is not common. This product is mild so most people should enjoy it without such effect. However, it is possible so that's why we strongly recommend doing a first test of 30 seconds.

Also, to be even safer, do the first test in a small patch of skin, preferably where it would barely be seen in case your skin gets red or irritated. We recommend under your chin, either on the right or left side - not the middle.


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