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QUESTION: When should I start seeing results with the Hydrating Cleanser?


You will get results in the short-term and long-term. The first few results you will see are cleansed, refreshed and hydrated skin. You will notice this right away. On the other hand, it takes 4-6 weeks to see results like smaller pores, reduced acne, less noticeable fine lines, improved wrinkles, etc.

The bigger problems take the most amount of time and you may need other skin care products that contribute to anti-aging results like a toner, serum and moisturizer. Of course, it is a progressive process. The longer you use the product, the better your results will be.

Please keep in mind that if you have a very pronounced skin problem, it may take longer to see significant results on. If you are consistent using the product, you are guaranteed to see results. Patience and consistency are the key factors to achieve the best results. 

We invite you to take before and after pictures. Take one photo today, and then 30-45 days later, take an "after" picture. Compare your results. You'll be surprised!

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