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Voibella Pore Vacuum

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There is a quick and easy way for you to painlessly extract those ugly things, and prevent them from forming again!

INTRODUCING – Voibella Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover!

Select from 5 power settings, then slide smoothly over your face and see how it extracts the impurities from your pores!


1. Don't use it for a period longer than 5 minutes per day on your skin.

2. Do not stay on one place too long. Keep it moving to prevent your skin from bruising or turning red or purple.  

3. Please do not use it if your skin is broken and damaged.  

4. For dry skin - use only once a week. For oily and combination skin, you can use it twice per week.

5. It is normal for your skin to be slightly red after using; the redness will disappear in 10-15 minutes.  Slight redness shows it works!

6. For best results, use blackhead remover after showering, or after steaming your face. Also remember to moisturize and use sunscreen afterwards.

7. Please do not wash the blackhead remover with water - it's not waterproof.

8. Follow the instructions in the booklet carefully to avoid any negative experience.  If in doubt, contact us first, we are always happy to help!

NEW UNIQUELY BETTER 2019 UPGRADED DESIGN – Wondering why other cheap Blackhead Removers don't work well or are painful to use? It's how they are designed. The Voibella Pore Vacuum utilizes brand new, latest generation, tested technology, giving it a more powerful suction, 5 speed modes and better power control, to give you a smoother, deeper and more effective skin cleansing that will leave your skin smoother and more beautiful than ever.

POWERFUL, BUT GENTLE PORE CLEANER FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Designed with 5 smart suction modes, and 4 unique probes, our Pore Vacuum is suited for any skin type, for men and women of all ages. Powerful settings for stubborn blackheads and Gentle settings to prevent pain and bruising. The settings are suited for Sensitive & Dry (level 1), Normal (Level 2-3) and Combination and Oily Skin (level 4-5). With one easy access button controlling the suction, you are in control!

INSTANT REMOVAL OF BLACKHEADS, WHITEHEADS, ACNE AND PIMPLES – Not only is this Comedo Sucker Beauty Device effective for removing oil, excess sebum, impurities, dust particles and make up residue in clogged pores, it has also been proven successful for removing blackheads, whiteheads, acne and zits! Some can be removed instantly, and the rest can diminish with continued use of the pore vacuum that helps to clean and clear your pores. It will also help prevent all these skin problems.

FINE LINE CORRECTION FOR A SMOOTHER, YOUNGER SKIN – Smoothly and gently sucking the skin with the Voibella Pore Cleaner regenerates the skin to help correct and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The gentle exfoliating dermabrasion effect it has on the skin helps cells regenerate, reducing blemishes, and gives you a smoother, firmer skin.

UNIQUELY BETTER FEATURES OF VOIBELLA'S PORE VACUUM – Most Powerful 2019 Generation Suction Power, USB Rechargeable, 5 Power Settings, 4 Heads for 4 Modes, Bluelight for skin healing, Extra Filters, Charging Cable & Sturdy Design. Complete ENGLISH instructions booklet, with full instructions, step-by-step, and tips to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the device without harming your skin. (365 Day Money Back Manufacturer's Guarantee)


    Please read the Instructions Booklet that comes in the package before using the Pore Vacuum. Also read the following tips that we've gathered after personally using this item on our own. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

    Here are the tips to use your new Pore Vacuum in the most effective way:

    1. Wash your face with a cleanser first. Prepare your skin for the Pore Vacuum by getting rid of superficial stuff that gets on your face during the day like sweat, dirt, bacteria, etc. Rinse the cleanser off with warm water to relax your pores so it's easier to remove impurities with the Pore Vacuum.

    2. Ensure your pores are relaxed and "loose". Lay down on your back, face up, and put a warm towel on your face for 3-5 minutes. The warmth will loosen up your pores and get them ready to be cleansed deeply. Skipping this step can make it hard for the Pore Vacuum to effectively pull out blackheads and other impurities from your skin. It's important to do this in a room with the AC off so when you are done, your skin does not change temperatures too quickly.

    3. Use the Pore Vacuum in the bathroom after a hot shower. This is another option you have that some think is the best, including myself. While showering, wash your face with a cleanser. Once you are done, pat your face dry with a clean towel and still in the bathroom with the nice warm temperature, use the Pore Vacuum to give your face a deep cleanse. You will notice that blackheads come out easier this way.

    4. Keep the Pore Vacuum moving at all times. Do not allow the pore vacuum to sit on a single spot of your face. You will get a hickey, if you do that. Instead, keep it moving all the time around your face.

    5. Do not go over the same area more than 2-3 times. Passing the pore vacuum over the same area more than 2-3 times will cause redness, swelling and marks. Limiting it to a maximum of 3 times is the best way to avoid this, and if you did as suggested above to relax and loosen up your pores, you shouldn't need to pass the Pore Vacuum more than that over the same spots.

    6. Use only once or twice per week. If you have a dry, sensitive or normal type of skin, you should only use it once per week. If you have combination or oily skin, then you can use it twice per week. That's enough to keep your face clear, pores clean and tight, and your skin smooth.


    Please understand that not all blackheads can be extracted by the Pore Vacuum alone. If the Pore Vacuum cannot safely or comfortably extract the blackheads with our highest setting, then it is not safe for these blackheads to be removed by a Vacuum, and therefore other means should be used. Not all blackheads can be removed by a vacuum. Our Pore Vacuum is designed to only operate at a level that is safe for your skin, so that no permanent damage to skin or blood vessels happen. So in this case, rather use a Comedone Blackhead Extractor. The loop gently retracts the skin around the blackhead and brings the contents to the surface. Unlike squeezing, the comedone extractor does not compress the sides of the pore, so there is less risk of breaking the pore walls.

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