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QUESTION: What other products do you have that can be combined with the Eye Cream?


The following products can be combined with your Eye Cream:

- Facial Serum: This product is essential because it penetrates deeper into your skin than the Eye Cream. Combining Facial Serum with Eye Cream can accelerate your results 10x. If you are really serious about improving your eyes appearance, you must combine these 2 products. The Facial Serum would go right before the Eye Cream. Then apply the Eye Cream while the Facial Serum is slightly damp.

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- Eyelash Growth Serum: Do you want to do a total eye makeover? Your eyes are the most important part of the face when it comes to appearance. Eyelashes and eyebrows are key parts of your eyes area and they do a great deal to enhance your beauty. Having voluminous and longer eyelashes help you have a younger and more elegant appearance.

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- Hydrating Cleanser: This product is the first step in your skincare routine. Not only does this product cleanse your face, but it also provides anti-aging benefits that help boost the results of the rest of your skincare products. This product should not be applied to the eye area though. It stings. It's only to be used on the rest of your face, if you want to take care of your overall facial appearance - which we highly recommend.

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- Hydrating Toning Mist: Do you work outdoors or in a very dry area? A splash of hydration is very important to help your skin relax and stay healthy. This Toner can be applied before the Eye Cream to your eye area and is very helpful. It also helps avoid razor bumps, reduce acne and alleviate inflammation.

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