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Buy Glycolic Acid Peel for Spa-Quality Exfoliation at Home

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Are you looking to buy Glycolic Acid Peel to exfoliate at home?

Exfoliating your skin can help you restore its natural glow and smoothness, reducing the appearance of spots, roughness and other imperfections. In this article we're going to tell you how to do it safely to avoid skin burns and irritation.

The main problem with doing it at home is that you may not know how to use the Glycolic Acid Peel properly and safely. Exfoliating incorrectly can cause burns and irritation, sometimes leading to skin problems worse than the ones you wanted to correct in the first place. So how to make sure you do it right?

We're writing this to help you do it right...

Buy Glycolic Acid Peel for Spa-Quality Exfoliation at Home
Safe and Proper Use

1- Buy a Glycolic Acid Peel product that has less than 10% acid concentration. Also, get one that is spa-quality. This ensures the product is safe for home use and drastically reduces the risk of getting skin burns and irritation.

Recommended product: Voibella Glycolic Acid Peel
7.5% acid concentration - safe formula with spa-quality for home use

2- Try the product on a small spot first. This helps you get familiar with the product - how it looks, how it feels and how to apply it. Also, you make sure that your skin tolerates the product nicely without any side effects before applying it to your entire face.

3- The first time you try it, leave it on for only 30 seconds. Keep in mind that an exfoliating product like Glycolic Acid must be rinsed off. The first time, we recommend you do it within 30 seconds. That is a good time to test the product, making sure it does its job and also check how your skin reacts to it. If everything is fine, the next time you can try leaving it on for 1 minute, then 2 minutes. It's up to you if you want to leave it longer after a few more uses. Normally exfoliation can be done within 2-5 minutes.

4- Exfoliation must only be done once per week. It's not necessary to do it more often.

5- Do not apply the Glycolic Acid on the delicate skin that surrounds your eyes. The skin around your eyes is thinner and very delicate. Applying the product to this area may result in burns in a short period of time and may leave marks. Avoid this area. The same applies to your lips.

6- Apply the product using a gauze or cotton ball. This tip is very important because it allows you to use just enough to keep control of the liquid around your face, avoiding your eyes and other delicate areas.

7- Use a product that "peels" your skin in small particles, not peeling in layers. The reason is that a product that exfoliates in small particles is much safer. That means that the old dead skin cells are washed away in tiny invisible particles when you rinse off your face with water after the Glycolic Acid application.

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8- Use the right amount. When using a gauze or cotton ball, apply enough product for the skin to look wet, but not dripping. That's when you know you've used the right amount.

9- If the tingle gets unbearable, wash it off immediately. When you apply the product, it's normal to feel some tingle on your skin. That means the product is working, removing the old skin cells from the top layer of your skin. However, if you feel it's too much tingle to the point that it hurts, then you must wash off the product right away. Next time you apply the product, make sure to leave it on for less time. It usually means that your skin had already gotten exfoliated within a shorter time than you left it on for. The extra time is what caused the "too much" feeling. Make sure that you don't have any distractions when applying the product so you stay focused on the time you leave it on for.

Do the steps listed above and you will do a safe exfoliation at home. Buy Glycolic Acid Peel for spa-quality exfoliation at home right here - click here.

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