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Non-Surgical Instant Face Lift Cream That Works – See What Customer Reviews Are Saying

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Are you looking for a non-surgical instant face lift to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging? I understand that invasive face lifts are not first options due to high costs and they can be scary. In this article we’ll talk about the non-surgical face lift cream that works and has great customer reviews on Amazon.

The non-invasive face lift cream is called: Voibella Instant Face Lift. This anti-aging cream comes in small tube and only a small tip of this product can make a visible difference on your wrinkles and fine lines. It can also make eye bags and saggy skin look firmer and flatter, even with the rest of your skin.


Put a very small drop of the anti-aging cream on your finger. Apply the cream gently onto the wrinkle or fine line you want to hide. There’s no need to apply this cream to your entire face. Only apply it to wrinkles, fine lines, and other face imperfections which appearance you want to reduce. Once applied, wait 1-2 minutes. You will feel your skin tightening. When fully dry, look in the mirror and thank us later.


Please keep in mind that applying a cream is only a temporary fix. Once it wears off, the signs of aging on your face start being visible again. This face lifting alternative can be done any time on demand. So if you have a date or an event, you can apply the Instant Face Lift cream and look better instantly. It’s a temporary face lift without surgery.

The way the cream works is that it creates an invisible film over your signs of aging. This film makes it look like there’s no wrinkle, fine line, sagginess or bag. Although this effect is temporary, you can reapply whenever it starts wearing off and maintain your good looks.


There are many positive reviews about this product on Amazon. Not all are good, but we address the reasons why some people don’t have a positive experience with it.

“I ordered this product as I suffer with wrinkles under my eyes, I’m not one for cosmetic surgery, I saw this whilst browsing and thought, why not for the price? We’ll it works wonders! You can physically feel it tightening the skin, it’s very light and doesn’t have much of a smell, if any at all which I love with beauty products. If your thinking about buying this product, do it, you won’t be disappointed.” – Georgina Jones

“After using this product for a few days, all I can say is WOWW!! When i look into the mirror i can see my face looking so much smoother than it was before. One thing that I love is that this product feels so comfortable on my skin.” – Casey

“Super light weight and feels amazing on your skin . You can feel the product tighten your under eyes almost immediately. 100% worth every penny !” – Faithann

“It flakes and leaves a white residue” – Deb Anderson
(Comment: The reason why it may get flaky or produce white residue is because your skin must be dry before and after applying the product. Make sure your skin is completely dry when you are applying the product. Once it is applied, try not to sweat or wet your face. If you can do that, you’ll avoid any flakiness or white residue/spots. People seeing white spots have allowed their face to get wet, wearing off the cream.)

“Great product but very small for the price. Good stuff, but not enough for price. It does what it says & reduces wrinkles” – Karen H

(Comment: The product comes in a 0.5 oz container. This is a standard size for specialty products like this. The thing is you don’t need a lot of product on each application – so it should last long. Also, a product that delivers such amazing results is not cheap. There are millions of skin care products out there, but how many can you say give you an instant face lift? You pay for instant results. In order for us to accomplish a formula that delivers this kind of results, we had to put together top-notch ingredients that can be quite pricey. You get a high quality product for high-end results.)”

*The above customer reviews were taken from Amazon – they get full credit for them.


Voibella Instant Face Lift is available right now on Amazon (click here to order). Due to higher costs and inflation, it is possible that we’ll consider raising the price soon. As a friend, I highly recommend you order the product now to lock in this low price! Go order now!

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