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TEST: What is my skin type? (and how to know the right skincare for my skin type.)

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Before choosing any natural skincare products for your skin, it's crucial that you know your skin type. Using incorrect products and treatments for your skin would not only be less effective, it could also cause breakouts, redness, and other skin problems.

There are many factors to take into consideration when we look at what skin type a person may have. Aside from genetics things like what’s going on internally in our bodies and environmental factors are also part of the equation. Internal factors such as our health, hormones, and what we put in our bodies affect how we look. This, of course, includes our skin health. Environmentally, we face things like pollution, second-hand smoke and the sun which also affects our skin both health-wise and visually.

There are 5 general categories that are used when we speak of skin types:

what is my skin type oily dry combination normal

Normal skin is considered skin which looks for the most part healthy or “normal” with no abnormal or sickly indicators. It also has good circulation which gives it a good healthy color with vibrancy to it. The oil glands which produce sebum in the skin produce it in a moderate rate thus the skin has a balance to it. When skin is balanced it is neither too oily or too dry. This is why normal skin looks plump, moist and radiant. It's the skin type we refer to as having a healthy glow. Normal skin also has a supple and elastic feel to it. It doesn't feel saggy or loose. Out of all the skin types, normal skin is the least problematic.

Dry Skin is a result of under-active or non-productive sebaceous
glands. With dry skin the oil glands either barely produce or do not produce enough oil to keep the skin naturally lubricated. Dry skin looks dull in appearance. In addition, it may have a flaky look to it with dry patches at times. It tends to be itchy and sensitive. People with chronic dry skin have to hydrate their bodies by drinking a lot of water. And, besides using moisturizing products, people with this skin type should mist their faces with water to maintain its lubrication.

Dry skin may be tight and lack elasticity. People with dry skin tend to have a sallow skin tone. They tend to wrinkle prematurely and their skin irritates at the drop of a hat. Dry skin is fragile and vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity.

Oily Skin is due to active sebaceous glands. They produce too much oil and the skin is over lubricated. Because too much sebum is produced, the skin is greasy, looks very shiny and the pores are large and clogged. The texture is slippery but coarse due to the enlarged pores. It is prone to acne, blackheads and pimples. It has acne eruptions frequently. This is due to the sebum trapped under the skin causing pus-filled lesions called comedones. There can also be flaky patches on oily skin where the oil dries. Ironically though, this skin type retains a youthful appearance because oily skin is not prone to aging and wrinkles.

Sensitive Skin can be oily, dry or normal. Sensitive skin is more of a condition than a skin type per se. It is any skin type that is easily irritated. The typical reactions of sensitive skin are itching, burning, chaffing and stinging. It can be blotchy and irritated frequently and is prone to rashes and redness. There are also visible broken capillaries if the skin is light enough.

A sensitive skinned person may wash their face and feel dry itchy and irritated after they do so. Sensitive Skin can also react because of sensitivity to environmental conditions. Because of this, sensitive skin may require different special treatments and special products to remain in good condition through various affecting factors.

This skin type may also have allergic or adverse reactions to certain types of cosmetics with ingredients containing alcohol bases, synthetic ingredients, oil bases, fragrances and artificial colors. Many sensitive skinned people have to use hypoallergenic products or those containing all natural ingredients to prevent skin reactions.

Combination skin is dry in some spots, oily in others and even normal or sensitive in other spots. People with combination skin are frequently referred to as people with T-Zone faces. The T-Zone covers the forehead, nose and chin making the shape of a T on a combination skinned face. With combination skin the oily parts of the face are the forehead, nose and chin while the skin around the eyes and mouth are dry. In some cases the cheeks could be either oily or dry. As a result, the T-Zone would be treated with products to help with oil reduction while the other dry parts would be treated with moisturizing products. Most people have combination skin types; it's very common.

what is my skin type

Here is a little quick test you can take to determine your skin type, if you are not sure.

Most people have combination skin like was stated earlier.

1. After cleansing, how does your skin feel?
(a) Tight and rough
(b) Smooth and supple
(c) Slightly oily
(d) Oily in some areas, tight in others.

2. How often does your skin break out in spots?
(a) Almost never
(b) Rarely
(c) Often
(d) Only in the T-Zone (across the forehead and down the nose and chin).

3. Which of the following best describes your skin texture?
(a) Smooth and transparent
(b) Firm and even
(c) Slightly rough and uneven
(d) A mixture of the above.

4. How does your skin look during the day?
(a) Flaky and chapped
(b) Clean and fresh-looking
(c) Shiny
(d) Shiny in the T-Zone by the Afternoon

When you finish this little quiz -  add up how many a's, b's, c's or d's you have:

If you have mostly a's then you have dry skin.

Mostly b's then it is normal.

If the majority is c's then it is oily, and d is combination skin.


How to know the right skincare for your skin type?

Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin, Voibella Beauty has the right products for you.  Our natural skincare products can all be used by all skin types, but some products are better for some skin types than others. Please browse our products now, and choose which one is the best for your skin type.

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If you have any questions about your skin type, or how our products can fit in with your skin type, please contact us.  You can chat to us via our LIVE CHAT feature (see bottom right of page), or phone us, or contact us here.  We will give you a free skincare consultation!

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