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Vitamin C Serum – Science Catches-up with Ancient Skin Care

Posted by Linda Davids on

Some people disposed to skepticism may instantly conclude a skin care product containing vitamin C serum is yet another faddish gimmick. A more accurate perspective is that 21st century science is discovering how to refine a natural substance with at least 1000 years of history as a treatment for skin care.

Native Americans used rose petals to create a paste-like topical cream to encourage skin healing and act as a moisturizer. But why rose petals? Did you know rose hips, the plant remnants left after the rose flower dies, contains about 20 times the amount of vitamin C as the famous orange? Perhaps you've seen the vitamin C supplements that contain rose hips.

Then there's the ancient sea buckthorn plant that has berries rich in vitamin C. Women of Tibet stretching back as far as the 7th century used oil derived from sea buckthorn berries on their skin as an anti-aging treatment.

Sea Buckthorn Berries

Have you ever agonized wondering which is best, topical vitamin C serum or supplements? Maybe it was not an agonizing moment. But seriously, it's a legitimate question that concerns your money and the quality of your results.

Vitamin C Facts That Make All the Difference

There are some things humans cannot make in their bodies, and maybe you've guessed – vitamin C is one of them. We have to get vitamin C through diet. This is not hard to do since it’s found in so many foods. Of course there are dozens of supplements containing the vitamin.

Secondly, vitamin C is water-soluble which means it can dissolve in water. Some vitamins are fat soluble; they cannot dissolve in water but do in a fatty environment. A good way to look at this distinction is by considering oil and water. If you pour some oil into a bucket of water the two stay separated, they do not mix or dissolve together. OK, why does this matter?

The body metabolizes any nutrient at certain rates and these rates are affected by factors such as other nutrients competing for absorption. Any excess vitamin C, since it's water soluble, will be excreted and lost. Normally, the skin receives vitamin C via the bloodstream.

You can increase skin vitamin C concentration through oral supplementation but there are limits. The problem is serum blood level of vitamin C becomes saturated and skin concentration of the nutrient no longer increases.

What all of the above means is there are various factors that will affect the amount of vitamin C present in the skin. This is building the case for supplementing the skin's vitamin C levels through topical application.

How to Achieve Maximum Skin Protection from Vitamin C

The optimum strategy for maintaining high levels of vitamin C in all the skin's layers is through sufficient dietary sources of the nutrient and/or oral supplementation plus topical application of vitamin C serum. Remember you can use the topical application for increasing the amount of vitamin C in the skin than what would normally be possible. This is important for anti-aging efforts and benefits.


What’s surprising is topical application of vitamin C is approximately 20 times more effective than supplementation or dietary ingestion for increasing skin concentrations of the vitamin. That means you get much more of this all-important vitamin to your skin’s collagen structures so they can re-build, restore and help erase wrinkles. Improved collagen also helps firm-up and smoothen your skin.


Given that, keep in mind that vitamin C in topical solutions is not 100% stable. The culprits are environmental: heat, light and air, and these factors may degrade vitamin C but the process is not a fast one. However, daily use of vitamin C serum should more than compensate for any degradation.


Vitamin C is a vital component for healthy skin for collagen synthesis and as an effective antioxidant. The most effective form of vitamin C, when used in topical applications, is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C serum is the best vehicle for skin care treatment while realizing anti-aging benefits and protection from UV light damage plus treating sun damage and wrinkles.

 If you are looking for a natural vitamin C facial serum containing the most effective vitamin C concentration, that is both cruelty free and paraben free, then we can highly recommend Voibella's Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Serum with 20% Vitamin C Complex. This serum has added botanicals like vitamin e, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and others that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and blemishes, to smooth your skin for a radiant and youthful look.

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