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Does Vitamin C Serum Work on Dark Spots and Age Spots?

Posted by Linda Davids on

vitamin c facial serum dark spotsThere are freckles that look sexy… but, if you are reading this article, it’s very likely that you are trying to get rid of dark spots that take away from your beauty. Let’s talk about what to expect from Vitamin C Serum when treating dark spots, age spots and more…

Causes of Dark Spots and Age Spots

Hyperpigmentation and photoaging are the two main causes of dark spots and age spots. Both are closely related. In fact, photoaging can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Photoaging refers to the premature aging of skin due to excessive sun exposure. You may have heard or experienced that being exposed to sunlight for long periods of time develops freckles or brown spots. That is related to photoaging.

On the other hand, hyperpigmentation is the broad term referring to any type of darkened skin. It may not necessarily have to do with photoaging. Hyperpigmentation can be linked to other factors like pollution, harsh climates, poor diet, health or skin conditions, but photoaging is the most common link.

Now, “dark spot” is pretty much like hyperpigmentation. It’s the “everyday term” that refers to any darkened skin spot or area. On the other hand, “age spot” is the term used when people develop hyperpigmentation at 50+ years old – in most cases caused by photoaging. Skin at 50+ years old is very sensitive to UV rays and can be affected by photoaging faster and easier than younger skin. Also, age spots can be developed overtime with accumulated sun exposure over the years.

How Vitamin C Serum Helps Your Skin

Vitamin C Serum is an ideal product for your skin for a number of reasons. One good reason why more and more people are using Vitamin C Serum is due to its effectiveness in reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation and photoaging. It helps to considerably reduce dark spots and age spots.

Here are just a few reasons why Vitamin C Serum works...

Protects against damage

Your skin is constantly being battered; whether by harmful sun rays, harsh climates, a poor diet, pollution and more. Using VoiBella Beauty Vitamin C Serum repairs the damage already caused to the skin by these factors mentioned previously, while protecting skin from further, new damage.

Thanks to this, your skin will look and feel more revitalized and refreshed.

Reduces dark spots and age spots

In addition to its protective and repairing benefits, using Vitamin C Serum helps your skin turn back the time on those not-so-attractive dark spots and age spots.

As Vitamin C is naturally a super antioxidant, using it on your skin helps fade dark spots, corrects uneven pigmentation and skin tone, and brightens your skin’s complexion.

Wrapping it up: Vitamin C Serum

Using Vitamin C Serum in your regular beauty routine will spark incredible results. Not only is it effective for reducing dark spots, age spots, freckles and more, it can also repair damaged skin and help protect it from future damage. What’s not to love?

Healthy, radiant skin is possible. With just a simple addition into your daily beauty routine, you can start reaping the benefits of Vitamin C Serum today.

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