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Vitamin C Serums: Tips, Benefits, Ingredients and Usage

Posted by Linda Davids on

Vitamin C is common and very well-known, but knowing what it does for anti-aging and skin care in the form of a serum might save you a few lines and wrinkles. As a major antioxidant applied topically, it can do a lot for supple, glowing and smooth skin.

As skin matures, it stars losing elasticity and developing fine lines and wrinkles. Not such a fabulous trade-off, if you ask me!

Fortunately for you, vitamin C serums are here to establish a truce. Here’s everything you need to know about this antioxidant infused serum…

What does vitamin C do for the skin topically?

When we think of good skincare the word antioxidant comes up a lot. This is because antioxidants are responsible for treating and preventing changes associated with photoaging. Photoaging is the aging of the skin caused by UV rays. A new study publishedvitamin c serums in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology presented a study that backed the use of certain vitamins in topical formulas. Vitamin C is listed as one of the top vitamins to use topically in the study.

Not only do vitamin C serums help in keeping photoaging at bay, but they also restore the skin by aiding in the production of collagen. Collagen is found in the bottom layer of the skin – or as dermatologists like to call it, the dermis. The dermis, much like the bottom of bottomless brunch, is not something that can be reached by any topical formula. Due to vitamin C’s remarkable ability to reach the dermis it is also an antioxidant responsible for reducing skin discoloration, under-eye circles and inflammation.

What are other ingredients in vitamin C serums?

The simpler vitamin C serums are created with glycerin, vitamin C and witch hazel. But an incredible vitamin C serum will include added ingredients to not only preserve the antioxidant, but strengthen its benefits. If you are impressed by what vitamin C does to your skin, imagine what aloe, MSM, jojoba oil and other naturally derived ingredients can do when combining them in a serum!

That’s what you get in Voibella Beauty Vitamin C Serum – and so much more!

Aloe is used to treat sunburn, moisturize, treat acne and fight aging. It does this by improving the skin’s natural firmness, adding hydration and reducing inflammation.

MSM improves keratin production, reduces signs of premature aging and is a powerful detoxifying agent. This is because MSM strengthens the skin’s support matrix which in term also combats symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and acne. Imagine what it can do for your skin!

Jojoba oil has been used by Native American tribes for skin and hair care for centuries. It is not only moisturizing and rejuvenating, but it is good for all skin types. It is the oil that’s closer to the skin’s natural oils, so our skin is always happy when using jojoba oil. Think of jojoba oil as the little black dress of skin care!

And our VoiBella Vitamin C Serum has many more high quality ingredients that make this formula unique, fast-acting and results-oriented.

How do you use Voibella Vitamin C Serum?

Before using Voibella Vitamin C Serum, we suggest you wash your face with a cleanser and then follow with toner. Pat skin dry, and apply a small amount of serum with your fingertips to your face, neck and décolleté areas. You can use it in the morning and night – but do not leave home without sunscreen, if using Vitamin C Serum in the morning. Once applied, allow time for it to be absorbed prior to applying moisturizer and makeup.

We highly recommend you use this product in combination with a Voibella Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream and Moisturizer for maximum results.

What type of vitamin C do serums contain?

There are many types of vitamin C, but not all can provide the benefits mentioned above. The best type of vitamin C to use topically is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

This form of Vitamin C is natural, effective, can provide the benefits mentioned above and is gentle, thus not irritating. It is also more bioavailable than other common forms of Vitamin C such as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phospate, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Ascorbic Acid.

That’s why we use Sodium Ascorbyl Phospate in our Voibella Beauty Vitamin C Serum formula. We also use a concentration of 20% Vitamin C which is optimal for absorption.

What is its shelf life?

Voibella Vitamin C Facial Serum has a shelf life of two (2) years from the date of manufacture. It is recommended to keep it in a cool, dark place.

Is it cruelty free?

We make sure our products are cruelty free. We do not tolerate experimental tests on animals, even if it means higher costs for us.

On a personal level, knowing that my beauty is cruelty free makes me feel better about what I am putting on my skin.  

So get yourself some Voibella Vitamin C Serum! You can’t go wrong with it, knowing you are getting a high quality product made by a company with high standards and excellent customer service.

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