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Magical Way to Heal a Sunburn Fast and Restore Your Skin

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Sunburns hurt a lot. I've been there. It's not pleasant. But we have a magical way to heal a sunburn fast, stop the pain, avoid peeling and restore your skin. I'm sharing our secrets here.

As much as we like having fun at the beach, a nice hotel, and Caribbean cruises, there's always the risk of catching too much sun. And it's very painful... it's not even possible to sleep well when you are sunburned. If you are reading this, I'm sure you know what I mean...

Try these products right away to heal your sunburn fast.

#1 - Voibella Facial Serum with Vitamin C

This product has a very powerful skin healing formula. It is very effective for healing sunburns. You will notice the difference in a short period of time.

There are 2 main ingredients that help restore your skin quickly: aloe barbadensis leaf (also known as aloe vera) and vitamin c (as Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Aloe Vera is widely known as an ingredient that relieves sunburn, and vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant that helps reverse skin damage and restores your skin back to normal.

Besides those 2 main ingredients, there are multiple natural ingredients in this formula that help recover from sunburn.

Apply this serum twice per day, morning and night, for a fast recovery from sunburn.

#2 - Voibella Retinol Moisturizer

Once you have applied the Facial Serum as mentioned previously, the next product to apply is the Retinol Moisturizer. While the Facial Serum is formulated to penetrate deep to heal your skin from within, the Retinol Moisturizer is meant to take care of the top skin layer - the one that shows redness and sensitivity to the touch.

The Retinol Moisturizer has similar ingredients to the Facial Serum, and it has a thicker consistency to fulfill its purpose.

Moisturizing is always important. And it's far more important to moisturize your skin when it is sunburned for obvious reasons.

Apply this product twice per day right after the Facial Serum. Just let the Facial Serum dry and then apply the moisturizer.

The combination of these 2 products are the magical way to heal a sunburn fast and restore your skin.

PRO TIP: Put both products in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before application for a cool feeling that alleviates pain and discomfort. This will help a lot before going to sleep.

Put this to the test and you'll see that you'll be able to sleep better, heal much quicker than normal, avoid peeling (which is a main concern for people that experience a sunburn), and recover your normal skin in no time.

Please send us a message after trying this on your sunburn to let us know how it helped.


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