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Successfully Removing Dark Spots On Skin with Perfect Product Combination

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Whether you have dark spots caused by acne, pregnancy, the sun, medical treatments, or anything else... there's a successful way to significantly reduce dark spots on skin. And in some cases, it's very likely to make them (poof!) vanish!

Big or small, if you do this product combination right as we describe below, there's a very high chance that you will get your dark spots reduced (if not completely removed).

Let's get started!

Successfully Removing Dark Spots On Skin with Perfect Product Combination

I'll tell you what, why and when to use it. 

Product #1: Voibella Hydrating Cleanser

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Why use this product?

The first thing you need to do is to properly cleanse the affected area with a high quality formula. Our Hydrating Cleanser has ingredients that, on top of cleansing, nourish your skin and help absorb the next products that will be essential for dark spot removal.

When to use the Hydrating Cleanser?

It must be the first product in this routine. And you can do this routine once in the morning, and once in the evening. This product can be used every day.

Product #2: Voibella Glycolic Acid Peel

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Why use this product?

This product gets rid of old skin cells. This is also known as exfoliation. And this is important because you want the next few products to penetrate deep into your skin for maximum effectiveness and results. If you don't exfoliate, it's very likely that your results will be slower.

When to use Glycolic Acid Peel?

You should only use this product once per week. Not more than that. It will be the second product to use after the Hydrating Cleanser, only one day of the week.

Important: The first time using this product, do a test with a small area of your skin. Put it on a small area and leave it on for only 30 seconds. This is to test if your skin tolerates the product well, without any reaction. Once you confirm it is ok, then you can apply as directed in its packaging. Please note that you should rinse it off as soon as it tingles your skin.

Product #3: Voibella Facial Serum with Vitamin C

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Why use the Facial Serum?

This product is one of the main ones that help restore your skin to its normal state. It penetrates deep into your skin and delivers its natural spot-reducing ingredients where they work the most. It works on any type of dark spots, including those caused by the sun. Its vitamin c content helps improve your skin's health and overall appearance.

When to use the Voibella Facial Serum?

The Facial Serum should be used after doing exfoliation, when the Glycolic Acid Peel is used. If no exfoliation is done, then use it after the Hydrating Cleanser. It can be used twice per day, just like the cleanser.

Product #4: Voibella Brightening Cream with Kojic Acid

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Why use Voibella's Brightening Cream?

Voibella's Brightening Cream is packed with the most powerful dark spot removal ingredients. It simply is a must-have for anyone who wants to get rid of dark spots. This product is gentle and does not burn during application. However, its brightening effect on the skin is so powerful that you need to apply sunscreen on top (during the day) to avoid sunburn. It makes your skin sensitive to the sun, so don't ignore our warning. You MUST use sunscreen every day once you start the treatment with this Brightening Cream. And when you get the results you want and stop using the cream, you should keep using sunscreen every day for a week after finishing the treatment.

When to use it?

The brightening cream can be used twice a day, morning and night, after applying the Facial Serum. And it's very important to apply sunscreen after this product to protect your skin from the sun. We even recommend taking the sunscreen with you, if you plan on staying under the sunlight for an extended period of time for reapplication.

Follow this routine for removing dark spots on skin in a relatively short period of time. 

Please note that it's very important for you to use sunscreen every day when treating your dark spots. Not only due to the Brightening Cream, but also for protecting your skin from further sun damage which translates into more and worse dark spots.

Using these products as described above along with a good sunscreen (SPF 40+) will help you successfully reduce your dark spots.

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