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Top Tips for Picking the Right Facial Cleanser for Your Skin

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Cleansing is part of my daily skin care routine and it is the first and the most vital step towards attaining a silky soft skin. I never skip this step, even if I come home late, after a party or maybe from work. No matter how tired I am, I cleanse my face and then go to bed. Here are some tips I can help you with, to pick the right facial cleanser for your skin:

  1. An anti-aging one - Ensure that your cleanser is a natural face wash and has anti-aging properties, especially if you are above 30. This means that you need to consider the ingredients in your Cleanser. Look for proven, natural anti-aging ingredients like Aloe Vera, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel. (Our Voibella Hydrating Cleanser includes all these and others.) The main thing to go about your skin care is that you must try to avoid wrinkles as long as possible and to achieve this goal you need to use an anti-aging organic facial cleanser.

  2. Organic cleanser – There are many choices in the market, but you need to be wise and make the right call, choosing one that contains a great deal of both natural and organic ingredients, that are responsibly sourced. This is the best way to go for your skin. Our VOIBELLA FACIAL HYDRATING CLEANSER is an organic face wash you should definitely try. I’ve got some awesome results by using it. This cleanser is organic, natural, cruelty free and vegan-friendly. Therefore, even if you are a vegan, you can use our product with complete peace of mind.

  3. Perfect for all skin types – Use a cleanser that is ideal for all skin types, especially dry skin. This is because it’s long lasting and works gently on the skin. Gentle doesn't mean it won't cleanse well. On the contrary, gentle cleansers can cleanse just as good as harsh ones, without any irritation or itching afterwards.

  4. Use a cleanser for dry skin that leaves your skin hydrated and soft. This does not indicate that women with oily skin can’t use it. It's definitely for them too. Regardless of your skin type, your face is surely going to shine and dazzle with a youthful beauty and supple smoothness, after regularly using the Voibella Facial Hydrating Cleanser. You are going to get a lot of compliments for your skin and you’ll be bubbling with joy from within and I can vouch for it.

  5. Helps fight blackheads – Blackheads are a common skin problem and the cleanser you choose should help fight this problem too. I’m sure your skin is going to love our cleanser and you’ll be keen to give your skin this kind of treatment every single day.

  6. Spa-quality – You may spend lots of money at the spa to get soft and smooth skin. I assure you that you can find the same properties and benefits in our Organic Cleanser.

We recommend you try our Voibella Beauty Hydrating Cleanser and the rest of our skin care products. Once you start using our products, you'll become a fan and will make Voibella your one-stop destination for all your anti-aging needs.

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