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Why use a retinol cream for your face?

Posted by Albert Engelbrecht on

Retinol is probably one of the best anti-aging ingredients. It certainly has a lot of research and studies that back up its effectiveness for anti-aging. It can reverse the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It speeds up the skin renewal process too.

Retinol is basically a form of Vitamin A. It’s popularly used in facial creams because it is also known to improve the overall quality of the skin.

Listed below are some benefits of using a retinol cream on your face:

  1. It helps in repairing acne scars – Retinol is very useful if you suffer from acne. Acne is a major skin problem in most people and the scar it leaves is worse. A retinol moisturizer cream is very useful in acute acne cases. Try it out and then you can decide. Retinol can also destroy pimple-creating bacteria.

  2. Lightens the discolorations on your skin – Retinol moisturizer is good to lighten the discoloration on your skin and also to even your skin tone.

  3. Lesser side effects – Initially tretinoin was used in facial creams instead of retinol. Tretinoin is known to have side effects like skin peeling and burning. However, if you use a retinol night cream, you won't get these side effects.

  4. It aids in the shrinking of pores – You get a lot of things due to your genetics; similarly the size of the pores in your skin is determined by genetics. However, if you use VOIBELLA RETINOL MOISTURIZER CREAM, it is going to shrink your pores to a great extent.

  5. Helps in diminishing wrinkles – Wrinkles is what every woman dreads of because they indicate aging, which many take as "getting old". And these days even men try to avoid wrinkles as nobody wants to "look old" and prefer to keep the aging process at bay, as long as possible. Therefore, what is the best thing to do? Retinol helps to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. Hence, if you want to avoid any signs of aging, then a cream with retinol in it is a great solution.

  6. It exfoliates your skin – A cream that contains retinol unblocks your follicles and removes dead cells from your skin. This process of exfoliation leaves your skin looking bright, effervescent and vibrant. This is the best part of a retinol cream; it leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.  
The benefits of using a facial retinol product are endless. By now you may have understood how essential it is to use a retinol cream on your face. Hence, if you don’t use one, you should start right away. Voibella Advanced Retinol Moisturizer is a great choice among the various retinol formulas available in the market. We encourage you to try it, and thank us later.

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